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Alon Hershkovitz

Founder & CEO

Alon is a highly driven and result-oriented business professional, consistently striving for success and delivering impactful outcomes in his endeavors.

With a comprehensive background spanning more than 20 years in the global business arena, Alon brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As a self-owned business entrepreneur for a decade, he showcased exceptional skills in strategic planning and an unwavering commitment to achieving desired results.

Furthermore, Alon has held executive positions in renowned global companies, where he led impactful merger and acquisition endeavors, presented companies to investment banks and potential investors, and spearheaded the formulation of business strategies and plans.

Collaborating with both private and government entities, Alon has effectively worked towards achieving company targets, fostering development, and ensuring stability.

In addition to his role at Smart Tech, Alon is the Co-Founder and CEO of IMCI Pharmaceuticals. IMCI is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on developing groundbreaking patented cannabis-based medicines to address prevalent health conditions on a global scale.

Alon's educational background comprises a Master's degree in business and administration management, specializing in strategy and entrepreneurship, as well as a Bachelor's degree in business and administration management, with a specialization in accounting, both earned from the College of Management in Israel.

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Alon Hershkovitz

Founder & CEO

Frozen River

I walk on a water...

But only when its freezes

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