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Alon Hershkovitz

Founder & CEO

Alon is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of doing business in Africa, 10 of them as self-owned business entrepreneurs, and has vast strategic planning & financial background.

Alon brings vast experience in executive positions in global companies, and led the merge & acquisition of companies with high synergy factors, presented companies to investment banks and potential investors, and led the company’s strategy formulating and business planning.

Alon brings experience in collaborating with private and government entities to achieve the company targets, development, and stability.


A part of Alon's position in Smart Tech, he is also a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of IMCI Pharmaceuticals. IMCI is a pharmaceutical company, developing novel patented pharmaceutical cannabis-based medicines to treat prevalent health conditions with global reach.

Alon holds a Master's degree in business and administration management with expertise in strategy and entrepreneurship and a BA degree in business and administration management with expertise in accounting, both are from the College of Management in Israel.

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Alon Hershkovitz

Founder & CEO

Frozen River

I walk on a water...

But only when its freezes

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